Example of a Smile Makeover

Here is an actual case study

of a porcelain veneer smile makeover. This patient has unsightly maxillary (upper) teeth. Her objective is to eliminate the spaces between her teeth and get rid of her "gummy smile" look.

After administration of local anesthetic, the patient's maxillary gums and bone are reduced and allowed to heal for six weeks

Once the gums have healed, eight maxillary teeth are prepared for porcelain veneers.

An impression of the prepared teeth is taken and sent to a dental laboratory. This impression gives the laboratory technician the information needed to accurately fabricate the veneers. Temporary bonded veneers are made for the patient to wear until the final veneers are placed.

In the dental laboratory, the ceramist makes the individual veneers by hand, carefully shaping and painting each one to simulate natural tooth structure. The veneers are then fired in a porcelain oven at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit until they turn into a glasslike substance. They are then returned to our office.

Once we have received the veneers from the laboratory, they are tried in the patient's mouth to check the fitting and to get the patient's esthetic approval. This is the patient's final opportunity to make changes. At this point the veneers can still go back to the lab for corrections.

Once the veneers are approved by the patient, each tooth is etched with a mild acid and a bonding adhesive is applied to the inside of each porcelain veneer.

The veneers are placed on the etched teeth and cured with a high wavelength curing light for several seconds

The excess adhesive is removed and the bite (occlusion) is adjusted. The final veneers are now complete. The spaces are eliminated and the "gummy smile" look is gone. The smile makeover is a success!