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This young woman presented with a "diastema" or space between her maxillary two central incisors. She also wanted to permanently brighten her overall smile.
Gapped Teeth Narrow Arch
The solution was to create ten porcelain veneers which were applied to her maxillary teeth in just two easy visits. No more diastema and a brighter smile changed her entire facial look.
This patient was unhappy with her maxillary incisors. Her central incisors slanted in while her lateral incisors flared out. Too much gum tissue added an additional visual complication. Her bicuspid teeth slanted inward, creating a narrow arch.
Intruded Teeth Class 3 Instant Orthodontics
Her concerns were satisfied by trimming away the excess gum tissue above her maxillary central incisors and placing ten porcelain veneers. Her central incisors were brought forward while her lateral incisors were brought in. The outer surfaces of her bicuspids were brought out to broaden her arch. All this was accomplished in just two visits.
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This patient was unhappy with her maxillary incisors flaring out. As the teeth moved forward, the spaces between them became more evident and unsightly.
Spaces Between Teeth Flared Teeth
With the help of ten porcelain veneers and in office bleaching of her lower teeth, her smile was restored in two visits.
Here we see that the edges of this patients four front teeth are extremely worn and the teeth are yellow.
Yellow Worn Teeth
By placing eight porcelain veneers, she was able to restore her four incisors and broaden the look of her smile. What a difference!
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Here we have a combination of gray teeth, crooked teeth and chipped teeth. He wanted an attractive smile.
Crooked Teeth Instant Orthodontics
With the help of 18 porcelain veneers in just two visits, he got the smile he had always wanted.
Here we have a severely constricted arch with no room for the patient's maxillary right lateral incisor. As a result the tooth was pushed in towards the tongue. This patient did not want to spend two years in braces to straighten her teeth.
Crooked Teeth Instant Orthodontics
Once the lateral incisor was removed, her teeth were restored with eight porcelain veneers. Her right canine was shaped like a lateral incisor and her right first bicuspid was shaped like a canine to create the illusion of a normal, pretty smile.
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Here we see a patient with a prognathic mandible (his lower teeth were forward and in front of his upper teeth upon closing). Correction would have required extensive maxillofacial surgery and orthodontic treatment.
Underbite Class 3 Orthodontic Surgery Alternative
It's hard to believe that his cosmetic problem was solved with eight porcelain veneers in just two visits.
Decayed and crooked teeth really detracted from this young woman's smile.
Instant Orthodontics
After removing all the tooth decay eight porcelain veneers were placed, changing her smile forever in a mere two visits.
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This woman noticed that her right central incisor was moving forward over time and spaces were developing around the other anterior teeth.
Gaps and Spaces in Teeth
With six porcelain veneers, she was able to get her incisors back in line and eliminate those spaces that always bothered her.
This young man always felt self conscious about his short maxillary teeth. He wanted to show more tooth structure when he smiled.
Short Teeth Do not Show When Smiling
With just six porcelain veneers, he was able to attain that smile he had always imagined.
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This woman's two front teeth received root canal treatment years earlier. Over time they became dark and unslightly. She also wanted to get rid of her "pointy" canines and rounded lateral incisors. Instant Orthodontics provided a solution for her.
Tetracycline Stains Dark Teeth
By placing a combination of porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, her teeth were lengthened and brightened, giving her a smile to be proud of.
Here we see a gummy smile, decayed and crooked teeth, and hypocalifications (white spots).
Gummy Smile Instant Orthodontics
Crown lengthening surgery was performed over her four anterior teeth to eliminate the gummy smile. This was followed by eight porcelain veneers.
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The large space (called a diastema) between the two central incisors always bothered this patient. She did not want to go through extensive orthodontic treatment.
Instant Orthodontics Gaps Between Teeth
By placing just six porcelain veneers, her diastema was closed and a magnificent smile was created.
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